Nona Church, based in Orlando Florida, is growing and growing fast. They set out with a dream of a bigger, better facility for their community to flourish. Thus, the "Here to Stay" Campaign began. Nona Church connected with us to establish and communicate their vision; that in a world of rapid change and indesiciveness, they could share a sense of foundation that would be a constant for their community.


A simple, yet impactful extension of their brand that their community can interact with effortlessly. This gives them a sense of something new and exciting without losing what they've already established for themselves.

Nona Church's Here to Stay campaign branding project.

Stylescape Direction: Good Neighbor
Top Brand Attributes: Personable, Friendly, Casual, Inclusive

Identity System

It was important to stay true to the Nona Church brand so that the "Here to Stay" campaign would feel as an extension of the church and not something abstract or unfamiliar. We pulled from the existing color palette while incorporating a new golden yellow to help it stand out on its own. We also used a variation of the existent typeface, Avenir Next, for the wordmark to feel familiar without just using copy & paste.


We created a laundry list of assets for the Nona Church team to use in their efforts of marketing and communicating to their audience. This list ranged from branded magnets and hand sanitizer to commitment cards and web graphics. We not only needed to make sure things lined up aesthetically, but also helped their audience to understand the content and contribute to the cause with ease.

We took the schematic design from the new campus and used it as part of the design for things like the letterhead and pop up signs.

If you're interested in attending or supporting Nona Church, you can find out more information here: nonachurch.com

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