Dr. David Choate has offered Chiropractic services for more than 20 years. When he decided it was time to make the leap to creating his own practice, he needed clarity on how to distinguish himself as offering more than just chiropractic care.


We helped give his company an approachable, yet professional voice; as to stand out from the traditional look of its corporate counterparts. And by establishing a name that could embody chiropractic care as one of the many services he offered instead of being the core focus. We carried the new look across medical scrubs, custom signage, and other marketing collateral.

Type & Color

The core Midtown colors are a light minty blue with a splash of dark ocean blue. These two create great contrast and help with legibility. Blue is typically associated with feelings of health and freshness–these are obvious feelings you want to have when entering a medical facility. We added a few other shades of blue/grey to expand the palette for various print and web uses.

Fonts Used:
Eurostyle: We found this worked well because of its even weight and spacing between letters to maintain professionalism without feeling too corporate.


We love when logos include a subtle nod to a specific aspect of the company; even not so obvious nods. We're always trying to find interesting ways to create a reusable element within the logo itself. With the goal of keeping it simple, yet apparent that it belongs with the brand.

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Our ultimate goal is that your brand is built on more than trends and fads & your customers become die-hard fans for years to come. You've already got the goods; we just help you see them.
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