Hotel Lafleur is ready to make a mark of its own–to give a quaint, sunburnt Florida town a higher sense of relaxation. Understanding the significant history of Cypress Hill Florida, we designed an elegant rebranding of Hotel LaFleur with a nostalgic touch that holds true to the town’s legacy while preparing for new history to be made.


We created a unique identity system that combined the historic luxury with the modern, giving it the longevity to last decades and the flexibility to blend seamlessly amongst all of its different forms of collateral and signage.

We also assisted with the art direction for certain materials and styling, so that these individual pieces would blend seamlessly with the already beautifully designed decor and architecture.

Our ultimate goal is that your brand is built on more than trends and fads & your customers become die-hard fans for years to come. You've already got the goods; we just help you see them.
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