Ahh summer camp. The fondest memories for some, while the worst for others. Founders Ted and Lisa Lindmore came to us looking for a nostalgic and playful design that hearkened back to the retro esc of summer camps from yesteryear. The goal was to make a visual presence that would not only appeal to the children that would attend, but to the parents looking for their little Billy and Susie to have an adventure they'd never forget.


Our goal was to create a playful identity system that felt fresh, yet nostalgic at the same time. Something that kids would resonate with, be proud to sport on their lunchbox, and (most importantly) excited to return next year.

Mascot Logo
and Naming

We wanted to create a character that you could rally around; someone cool and quirky and your first choice in taking with you on your next excursion. Meet Teddy; he was modeled after the Lost Boys from Peterpan. We paired Teddy with the custom-made wordmark that can work well with the mascot or on its own.

We created the name "First Frontier" to indicate, not that it's a one time experience, but that every year you would be transported back to your first grand adventure.

"Whether you're a Greenhorn or a seasoned Trailblazer, at First Frontier there's always a new adventure!"

Print Collateral
and Design

Custom Camp Cards were made to be used by the campers as key cards to get into their cabins, for meals in the dining hall, and at the camp store. Other designs were created for lanyards, postcards, matchboxes, flags and keepsakes.

First Frontier branding project displaying campers scarves and name tags.
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