BTI Brand Identity


Behavior Therapy International is one of the top providers of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) services in the central PA area. Their ethical and clinical standards are second to none.
Despite having impressive high quality services and facilities, their branding communicated the opposite feeling to their clients.


Noble Goat was brought in to create a visual identity that accurately reflects BTI's professional and trustworthy nature; that would resonate with their desired audience in a clear, consistent, and compelling way.

Stylescape Direction: Finish Line
Top Brand Attributes: Professional, Fun, Personable, Energetic

Identity System

The teams within BTI's core services are separated into 3 categories: Home, Center, and School. They needed a way to easily distinguish the difference between each service model, while still maintaining the core BTI identity.

We were able to match the same badge from the primary logo, while changing the titles to their respective service model. We also went a step further by assigning an individual color to each service, making it easy to distinguish the difference between each badge.


It was crucial that that the colors in the BTI brand maintained a sense of life that was bold and vibrant and would be appealing to both boys and girls.


Each typeface is equipped with multiple weights to establish as much or as little emphasis needed.

Montserrat is the primary typeface for BTI. It has a uniformed and well-balanced approach for any instance. It's great in all large format cases, such as Title’s, Headline’s, and Subtitle’s.

Barlow is the supporting typeface. It's a bit more condensed, making it ideal for body copy or for text that needs to be produced at a small size.


Custom Icons were created to be used in all marketing and promotional items that continue to be in-line with the brand.

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